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Seshnz Passion Attraction Mushroom Gummies. 5 grams per pack.

Elevate your mental, physical, and emotional well-being with a Seshnz psilocybin product, designed to immerse you in nature’s embrace. Feel the profound connection as you become more attuned, positive, productive, and energized in both mind and soul. Just as nature’s beauty flourishes, let Seshnz and psilocybin help you flourish from within, experiencing life in its fullest spectrum.

Dosage Reccomendations:

  • Micro Sesh: 1-2 pieces (Chill Mode)
  • Meditative Sesh 4-9 pieces (Clarity)
  • God-Like Sesh: 10-15 pieces (Elevated)

Seshnz Passion Attraction Mushroom Gummies


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